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The Morozko Method™

 This is what cold feels like!

The Morozko Method™ is a sensory immersive guided meditation designed to help you transmute stress into resilience, in the ice bath and in life. This technique uses sensory immersion and enhancements to create ceremony through the practice of cold water therapy. The Morozko Method™ has been proven effective for overall mental, physical and emotional wellness.  

Join the Certified Morozko Method™ Guides from around the world in sharing the benefits of this ancient healing technology!

How is the Morozko Method™ different?

The Morozko Method™ is a technique that can be done in under 5 minutes to prepare you or your clients for the cold plunge or in a freezing ice bath. You will use sensory immersion and calm, grounded breathing to bring you into your body and out of the anxious head space. This method brings nurturing energy to the challenge of the practice. This technique has proven effective even for well practiced Deliberate Cold Exposure enthusiasts, such as top athletes, first responders, veterans, and many other high stress positions. This is a method that can be used through any time in your life that you experience the stress response. It is powerful, it is effective, it will change the way you approach and manage stress.

What do I do in the workshop?
  • Learn the Morozko Method™ Guided Technique

  • Discover safety protocols, contraindications, mineral support and best practices

  • Practice technique with hands on experience

  • Study use of sound bowls, essential oils, directed lighting and ceremony space to create a memorable Deliberate Cold Exposure journey for your and your clients

  • Learn how to add this practice on to your existing wellness business or how to create one with only the cold!

  • Enhance your individual cold practice

  • Morozko Method™ Certification

  • Join a worldwide network of Certified Guides

  • Regular group DCE calls with all Certified Guides

  • 2 one-hour calls with me in your first year

  • Featured spot on upcoming Certified Guide Page making it easy to find you

  • Ongoing access to support via email

  • Discount on future workshops, online or in person

  • Course materials, physical and digital copy

  • Copy of all photo and media content created during course workshop

What do I get in a workshop?
Online Certification: Embrace the Cold, Transform at Your Pace

Unlock the power of cold exposure from the comfort of your own home with our Morozko Method™ Online Certification. Designed for those who seek transformation on their terms, this self-paced course offers you the flexibility to dive into the depths of cold exposure and mindfulness practices at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Morozko Method Online Course

Join a community of like-minded individuals in the Morozko Method™ Community, where support, inspiration, and shared experiences enrich your learning journey. As you progress, you’ll not only master the techniques that have revolutionized wellness, but you’ll also gain the credentials to share this transformative practice with others.

Become a certified guide of the Morozko Method™ and be part of a movement that’s changing lives, one ice bath at a time.

In-Person Workshop

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


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Adrienne is a Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide. She created a sensory immersive, mindful meditation to help you move through the stress response in an ice bath. This mediation also applies everywhere you experience extreme stress in life. She has been training and certifying Deliberate Cold Exposure Guides in this method for 5 years and she has been changing lives with it every step of the way, including her own!

Ice Bath Meditations with Adrienne Jezick

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