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Adrienne Jezick is a pioneering force in the realm of wellness and personal transformation, renowned for her innovative approach to health through the power of cold exposure. As the co-founder of Morozko Forge and the creator of the transformative Morozko Method™, Adrienne has dedicated her life to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, both mentally and physically.

Official Bio

Adrienne Jezick’s journey into the wellness space began after a personal health crisis led her to the discovery of cold exposure as a powerful tool for healing. Faced with the challenge of autoimmune conditions, Adrienne turned to ice baths as a means to reclaim her health, which not only transformed her life but also ignited a passion to share this practice with the world. Today, Adrienne is a sought-after speaker, wellness coach, and innovator, celebrated for her contributions to the field of health and mindfulness.


Through her work with Morozko Forge, Adrienne has revolutionized the way people approach wellness, integrating cutting-edge technology with ancient practices to create a truly unique method of self-improvement. Her Ice Bath Meditations and insightful podcast episodes offer a blend of practical advice, inspirational storytelling, and actionable strategies for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

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Featured Press

Earth Speed with Adrian Grenier

Earth Speed with Adrian Grenier

Join Adrian as he explores the invigorating world of cold immersion with the innovators behind Morozko Forge [...]

The Amy Edwards Show #14 - How To Heal Using COLD Plunge with Adrienne Jezick

The Amy Edwards Show

I’m joined in this episode by the totally amazing Adrienne Jezick, cold coach (yes, you read that right— she’s one of only a few in the world!) and co-founder of Morozko Forge Ice Bath.

The Life Stylist Podcast w/ Morozko Forge's Jazon Stauffer & Adrienne Jezick


In this episode, I break the ice with Jason Stauffer & Adrienne Jezick, the genius minds behind Morozko Forge: the only ice bath in the world that can maintain freezing temperatures. 

The Morozko Method: A Sensory Immersion Meditation Technique for Deliberate Cold Exposure

Your Conscious Life

One woman’s gentle guided approach to health and well-being

By Deborah L. Monroe

How Cold Plunge Can Transform Your Health - Limitless Health Podcast, Powered by Tracy Hill & Jesica Midkiff


Powered by Tracy Hill & Jessica Midkiff

Adrienne Jezick - headshot
Connect with Adrienne

For media inquiries, interviews, podcast appearances, and more, please contact Adrienne directly at Adrienne is passionate about spreading the message of health, wellness, and personal transformation and is available for a variety of media engagements.

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