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Hello, my name is Adrienne Jezick, Founder of The Morozko Method™ and Co-Founder of Morozko Forge. As a Vitality Architect, I focus on the overall well-being of my clients. My approach involves working with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy to create a harmonious existence. Every aspect of my method is designed to help you become the best version of yourself. Through our sessions, I will guide you in the right direction towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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The Morozko Method™ is a sensory immersive guided meditation designed to help you transmute stress into resilience, in the ice bath and in life. This technique uses sensory immersion and enhancements to create ceremony through the practice of cold water therapy. The Morozko Method™ has been proven effective for overall mental, physical and emotional wellness.


"I learned how to start my business and how to approach others with the Morozko Method™"

Get to know Adrienne

Adrienne Jezick is a visionary health enthusiast and entrepreneur whose life was profoundly transformed by Deliberate Cold Exposure. Facing autoimmune challenges in 2012, she turned to ice baths, not only overcoming her health conditions but also eliminating her dependence on medication. Beyond her personal rebirth, Adrienne pioneered the Morozko Method™, a unique sensory immersive meditation technique for managing stress, and co-founded Morozko Forge, a leader in electric ice bath technology. Her journey reflects a deep passion for wellness, an innovative spirit, and a commitment to inspiring others to embrace a life of health, mindfulness, and resilience. 



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